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by nancy nelson on 07/19/2013   (updated 07/22/2013)

Life is really all about judgment. How we judge any given situation is based on subconscious and conscious criteria, and we often have no idea from where it came. We do it all the time. We label things as good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable, moral or immoral.

We all go through really complicated stuff in this life. I originally typed “hard stuff” here, but, realizing that is a judgment, changed to it “complicated”…less judgmental, perhaps?

Maybe. Maybe not. As I talk with people and build relationships with them, even if only for a brief time, what stands out is attitude.

I love being around folks who look for the silver lining, opportunity or adventure in the catastrophe. The “what is this teaching me? How is this serving me? How is this growing me?” attitude.

I find it inspirational. Not steeped in judgment juice, but soaking in opportuni-tea. Sorry. That was lame. See? I just did it again. We all do.

I prefer to be inspirational. Do you?

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