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by nancy nelson on 07/19/2013   (updated 07/19/2013)

Why is there so much discomfort around the emotion of grief? It is a normal part of our human experience, and all through our lives we experience loss in numerous ways, not just physical death.

Every transition in life is a sort of loss. I mean… think about it. Marriage is the loss of singlehood. Unemployment is the loss of work. Relocating is the loss of friends-in-place. Even positive growth is a loss of an old familiar place we knew.

Yet we hesitate to call it grieving when we face the loss. Oh… and grieving is so sad, right? But only if we add that judgement to the emotion. The truth is: grief just IS. That’s all.

Grief is also the doorway to a new beginning, offering opportunities to stretch beyond our current and past circumstances. Granted, we most often don’t choose the circumstance, and getting here reminds us that we are not in control. Of anything, it seems. But we are wired to handle it if we can understand it.

Grief is entirely personal and intimate, directly flavored by the unique person experiencing it. Some of us want to “GET THROUGH IT” by hitting all the stages of Kubler-Ross as quickly as possible, because until we get “through it”, we feel very uncomfortable and out of control.

But on the way there, be gentle and kind to yourself as you journey through the emotion of it. Your gift to yourself is to stay fully present in each moment. Take the time to enjoy the good parts.

There are many, and they are essential to the person you will be tomorrow.

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